Samuel Wallbrook


Just Gay Dating South & West


Just Gay Dating is exclusively for gay men seeking friendships, dating but nothing serious or long-term relationships.


There are several main advantages to this website. it is not intended for bisexual or bi-curious men unless they are prepared to meet you in a social environment either date you or become your friend.


It is only intended for gay men in the United Kingdom. If anyone is interested you can be fairly sure they are in the U.K.  and preferably within 30 miles of where you live.


At the moment it is entirely free to place an ad and respond to peoples ads. Just contact us.


I have studied dating sites and their pitfalls.


100% Free sites - Because the person has not had to pay anything they join up. Their details remain there even though they have found someone or are really not that interested. Often they provide no details and message you inappropriately.


Free sites that aren't really free at all - Yes, you can join up for free but you have to pay, in our view, extortionate amounts to contact people and to find out who has looked at your profile. Most people are not too happy to pay something like £30 a month to discover that completely unsuitable people have looked at their profile.


Sites that charge - There may be an advantage to paying a monthly fee as only those with serious intentions would bother. But why pay £30 a month with no guarantee of ever meeting anyone? Receiving messages from people the other side of the country let alone the world? Receiving messages from people who have not read what you have said about yourself?


So let us go back to a more traditional approach. In the old days, you read a personal ad you had then to write back giving details of yourself and enclosing a picture of yourself. This would be a pic of you fully clothed by the way! If the other person liked what you said and the look of you they would reply. After say three exchanges of letters you might agree to meet.